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Needs of the Hour is an initiative of Communist Party of Ireland activists based in Northern Ireland and has been set up in response to the current and ongoing crisis in capitalism hastened by the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

While it is coming from a distinctly communist perspective we hope to encourage guest contributions and opinion pieces from workers an activists from across the community and organised labour movement.  

Purpose & Aims

 To raise the communist point of view on social media by considering contemporary issues which are affecting working class people during the pandemic and in its aftermath

To raise consciousness of the unfairness and injustice that is inherent in the capitalist system and current political climate

To agitate and educate on these issues and encourage organised broad based activism

To highlight positive international responses to the Covid-19 crisis including how workers are organising across the globe

To promote economic and social alternatives from a communist perspective

To link into existing communist media outlets and work of the communist movement, locally, nationally and internationally

To build solidarity with all progressive peoples and fight fascist ideas wherever they are found



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