Thoughts on Ideology

Jenny Farrell provides us with some salient thoughts on ideology and adeptly tackles the issue of the reformist nature of social democracy,

Mobilise Like Never Before

The fight of our lives is upon us - it is time to mobilise like never before. Mel Corry

The Pandemic and the Planetary Crisis

John Barry on why the future being cancelled might not be such a bad thing as the pandemic has forced that ‘realm of the possible’ wide open

What is Democracy?

Amid creation of a CEO only economic advisory in the North & a PfG ignoring the will of the people in the South, Mel asks what is democracy?

The Return of the 'B' Word

John Pinkerton discusses what has happened to the issues surrounding Brexit and where does solidarity lie in the post-Brexit scene

Racism: America's Fault Line

The shocking murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week has resulted in the most violent and sustained reaction since the late 1960s.