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TUFP May Day Statement

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Trade Union Friends of Palestine: May Day Statement 2020

On Mayday 2020 in the midst of the global Covid 19 pandemic TUFP sends comradely greetings to all workers who struggle for justice and for the protection of fundamental human rights, including the right to life. We extend fraternal greetings in particular to our sisters and brothers in Palestine and in the diaspora, as they struggle against the obscene injustices perpetrated by the apartheid state of Israel.

Comrades will be only too aware of the limitless capacity of the Israeli state to inflict suffering, and to carefully plan the next stage in the prolonging and deepening of this - not just to achieve the total control of all of historic Palestine, but to so incapacitate, maim and subjugate the Palestinian people that all resistance is erased.

The undermining of Palestinian attempts to manage the threat of covid, and creating the conditions for the spread of the virus in the occupied territories, is but one example of this. The silence of the West, the complicity of the EU, and the active encouragement and support of imperialist states like the USA is truly worrying and should strike terror into all of us – it is the normalisation of atrocity.

But Palestinian resistance has never been erased, and never will be. Instead it has gone from strength to strength, even as the oppression of the colonising and apartheid state intensifies. We see this in the organisation of the global BDS movement, in the popular resistance committees, in the heroic Great March of Return, in the cultivation of their land, and in multiple other ways including the mobilisation of local communities to fight the spread of the virus. This is an inspiration to all of us. It is a gift to all of us – an example of how struggling humanity against overwhelming odds can maintain dignity, strength, and the determination to struggle ceaselessly for better.

On Mayday 2020 people of Palestine, and workers of Palestine, we salute you.

From Trade Union Friends of Palestine

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