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Unity Leader: A Mockery of Trust

A Mockery of Trust

Unity Leader 30th May 2020

By Lynda Walker

Will Covid-19 be the new cancer or the new Aids? Will the population be expected to live or die with Corvid 19, or will we see a breakthrough with the creation of a vaccine?

When Aids first broke out there were news stories about patients in the USA isolated in hospital rooms, medical staff in protective gowns and plastic surrounding the patients. We were told you only had to be in the same room to get Aids. That fake news became history but it took years to find treatments for HIV, an illness that still claims lives. The story with cancer is similar, it has taken years of research and some cancers are treatable if caught in time, but it is still an illness that claims many lives.

If the money spent on defence and weapons was put into health care and research, then fewer lives would be lost. But that option is for a government and a society that is ideologically advanced enough to recognise the difference between barbarism and socialism.

In the meantime we do not know very much about Covid-19, but over the next few years details will become more evident about the way we have behaved and the way governments have behaved in this crisis. A paper first published by the, British Medical Journal, ‘Too little, too late, too flawed’ (2020) written by Professors Kamran Abbasi, Gabriel Scally and Bobbie Johnson, gives a critical view of the manner in which the British Government has handled the pandemic. They state that: “an effective pandemic response requires not only speed and clarity but also a willingness to accept mistakes and a commitment to international cooperation.” “Sharing the science and the uncertainties that inform political decisions will help rebuild lost public trust.”

In this respect Cuba and China have provided examples of international cooperation, sharing their expertise and medical staff with other countries. It was reported that China would share a vaccine for free if they develop one, this is in contrast to President Trump’s attempt to try to monopolise for the USA any vaccine that comes along.

The fact that the UK government was confident and that they thought they were well prepared when C-19 swept East Asia, does not give much assurance when dealing with the lifting of the lockdown. With over 36,000 hospital and community deaths recorded; how do people respond to the relaxing of the lockdown?

The are many issues at stake not least that people at work have been put in danger and lost their lives to the virus, and people returning to work and school are still being put in danger.

Abbasi et al state that what is clear is that the UK’s response so far has neither been well prepared nor remotely adequate. “On 30 January, the World Health Organization declared a public health emergency of international concern and governments were urged to pre- pare for global spread of Covid-19 from East Asia. “Detailed case studies followed by showing the need for high levels of mechanical ventilation. But the UK ignored these warnings. Almost two months of prevention time were squandered.”

By 11 March, Italy had taken firm public health action and was in full lockdown, followed closely by Spain and France.

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